Neville pointed out Lukaku and Chelsea are the perfect match. 

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Neville pointed out Lukaku and Chelsea are the perfect match. Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has pointed out that Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea are the perfect match. Unlike other top four clubs.

         “Sing the Blues” managed to bring the Belgian international striker back to the team for a fee of 97.5 million pounds from Inter Milan, with Gary saying the “Red Devils” and Lukaku are not a suitable pair. And pointed out that it is the same case with Liverpool and Manchester City as well.

         “Jurgen Klopp won’t be signing Lukaku in a million years like Pep Guardiola. But Chelsea are a club that wants a striker like that,” Gary said. The Overlap Podcast According to ufabet .

         “(Diego) Costa, (Didier) Drogba, the target striker. A physically strong striker who needs it in that position. They’ve had that for 20 years, it’s perfect for Chelsea Football Club. He won’t put pressure on the front. So he doesn’t suit Jurgen Klopp.”

         “He’s not a good fit at Old Trafford too, the fans there need a clear (Edinson) personality, Cavani suits Old Trafford, I know he might. will go through the best period But he works a lot harder than Lukaku.

         “I’m not saying he’s superior – Lukaku will score 25 goals for Chelsea, but he’s not a good fit for United. He’s not a good fit for Liverpool.”