Paris Saint-Germain  have rejected Real Madrid an offer of €160 m

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Paris Saint-Germain  have rejected Real Madrid an offer of €160 million for France striker Kylian Mbappe.

Leonardo, sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain The club has confirmed that the club have rejected an offer from Real Madrid, who have already made a bid of €160 million for Mbappe, in an interview with French publication ARMSE.

Mbappe has turned down a new contract from Paris Saint-Germain. last proposed Confirms the desire to leave the team after the contract expires at the summer of next year. And that’s why PSG are ready to consider every offer during the last week of this summer’s transfer market.

“Yes, we can’t say no to Real,” Leonardo was asked about an offer for Mbappe.

“No one is restrained. If anyone wants to move the team and meet the conditions we have received We will consider”

“This offer is far from Kylian’s current value. We also owe Monaco a fee and we consider the offer to be insufficient.”

“Our position is to keep Kylian always with the team. contracts with players That’s always been our goal. And it will continue to be so.”