Greenwood holds the No. 2 in the world of under age 20

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Greenwood holds the No. 2 in the world of under age 20. Mason Greenwood, the Manchester United striker was hit by the Football Observatory. The International Center for Sports Education (CIES) named him the second-highest player under 20 with senior playing experience last year. That only behind Pedry Gon Salez, midfielder from Barcelona.

‘ CIT ES ‘ collection of more than a 344 people around the world to win ranks underage 100 people who regularly ride the jurisdiction of season 2020-21. It appears that the young age of 19 carat Pot the balls ‘ Red Devils ‘ entrance came in second place

He made Experience 75% of all games teams representing 2,327 minutes to knock down 36 shots. Including  a 10- goal second only to the Laundry midfielder body tolerate the ‘ Barca ‘ experience 100%, down from more than 3,827 hours , representing 49 shots done in two doors. who is only 18 years old  

Moreover, the Spanish midfielder has also been featured in the senior Spain national team for Euro 2020 consecutively. He helping the Under- 23s  win the Tokyo Olympics silver medal .