Nuno hints at dropping Kane until after the market close

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Nuno hints at dropping Kane until after the market close. Spurs head coach Nuno Espirito Santo spoke at a press conference ahead of the visit. Wolfe Hampton (22 August) that it may not enter spear drama Harry Kane in use, even for the whole week rehearsing for technical reasons. Send a promise that the England captain may wear the Golden Spikes chicken uniform for the last game.

As you know that Ken ‘s hound from Manchester City , including disagreement with the bank . The club Daniel Levy, the man did not comply with the contract that allowed him to move the team if the season 2020-21 ‘ Spurs ‘ abandoned success including missing Champions League tickets.  

This makes rehearsals at the Enfield Training Center a Hurricane-like experience. For this reason, therefore, that the Portuguese boss let striker aged 28 years, a fine attitude to calm markets after the attack, 31 in . C . I say it again.

“ He came to practice on Friday, the overall look was good. And there will be rehearsal on Saturday as well. And then decide on the user. ”

“ I’m sorry for answering the same question but that’s how we work. For the same day – to – day and make decisions when we feel it should be done . ” 

“ We will decide who will be joining us for a trip to Wolves after Saturday’s training session. Truth-based decisions are wise. So every player who participates in the full training session is our choice. ” 

” As for Kane ‘s situation, there will be a conclusion on the screen for days. ”