Real Madrid president reacts to Laporta.

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Florentino Perez has hit back at Joan Laporta as the mastermind of the culture war. After the Barcelona president slammed Real Madrid as a club of regimes.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez hit back at Barcelona president Joan Laporta for referring to the Whites as a regime club. Especially during General Francisco Empowered said the words had affected the club’s fans with the trauma of the terrible civil war nearly 90 years ago. According to reports from Mundo Deportivo on Saturday. 

The White House president responded to the Barca president by posting a video clip on his Twitter account referring to the relationship between Barcelona and the French regime in the early to mid-20th century. This video clip will surely be a hit with madridista fans. But many criticized it for bringing back bad memories from the past UFABET

‘Barcelona, ​​especially under Laporta, would see themselves as a bastion of Catalan nationalism. Which was what General Franco, the victor of the Civil War viewed as an internal enemy. And a threat to the decentralization of Spain. It was something he tried to get rid of with cruelty and violence.’

‘The video is a move worthy of Donald Trump in his ability to orchestrate a culture war for his own goals. Not only affecting the fans of the club. But it’s still rooted in the scars of the terrible civil war of 1936-39.’ said the White Sox president.