3 stories about “Depression” that people often misunderstand

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3 stories about “Depression” that people often misunderstand.

About “Depression” that people often misunderstand

  1. Why do you think about committing suicide? Why don’t you fight? Why are you so weak?

with people with normal minds Haven’t had any symptoms of depression yet. May have struggled. Experiencing many life problems But he was able to get through that period of his life. and saw suicide as a solution for desperate people It is a solution to the problems of the weak.

But in fact People diagnosed with depression by a doctor It’s not just a sensitive mind. But depressed patients have problems with neurotransmitters in the brain. that has an abnormality that causes the thought process Our decisions are unusual. Various reasons that normal people can think of. In patients with depression, they may not be able to think. Therefore, it is incorrect to claim that those patients are weak or not strong, because in reality these patients are very strong since they admitted that they were depressed.

But all this There are also many people with depression who are able to overcome periods of suicide. By getting help from people around you and a psychiatrist.

  1. Pretending to be sad to call attention

Most people with depression don’t want attention. But they need more people to “understand” if everyone understands them. understand what he feels what he is He had no need to seek anyone’s attention. They don’t want to be famous. They just suffer from repeated depressed states of mind. As one sentence said, “No one wants to commit suicide. They just wanted to escape the suffering they were experiencing.”

  1. If you are suffering, go to the temple, listen to Dhamma, meditate, and you will feel better.

It is true that Buddhist principles can calm the mind. But it can only be used by people with normal mental conditions. Not a patient with depression Because as mentioned above, patients with depression have symptoms of abnormal neurotransmitter function. You will need to receive treatment from a psychiatrist who has specialized in the treatment of these diseases. And in some cases, you will need to receive medicine to adjust brain function. Therefore, getting to the core of Buddhism Sometimes it may not be the correct treatment for the disease. Or exactly to the point? Report from ยูฟ่าเบท