Manuel Neuer said the Bayern Munich had their own destiny in the finals.

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Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer believes that despite losing in the first leg. But everything still depends on their own football team to control their destiny in the next round.

The Tigers will host Villarreal in the Champions League quarter-final second leg. this tuesday night The first game is on the way. yellow submarine Won first with a score of 1-0. 

The German goalkeeper revealed that despite losing the first match. Everything is still under control of the team. And confident that UFABET there is a chance to turn over to the semifinals for sure.

“We have a lot of ambitious players in the squad.” Manuel Neuer said.

“We didn’t overlook or ignore after losing the first match. The good thing is that we still hold our destiny in our own hands.

“Villarreal is a good counter-attacking team. We want to play to the best of our abilities and there will be support from our fans as well. And know how it was after a poor result in the first game of the European knockout stages. We are not afraid.”

   Manuel Neuer made his debut in football at the Schalke 04 youth club from 1991-2005 for a period of 14 playing, and then stepped into a professional football club Schalke 04 II . In 2004-2006, later 2006-2011, played for Schalke 04 for another 5 years, playing with the team more than 156 times, then moved to play with the team. 

Bayern Munich in 2011 to present Having made more than 190 appearances for the team so far, his style of play is outstanding in decision-making, agility and speed, making it the number one goalkeeper for Bayern Munich that has been entrusted to play. Always keep an eye on the team’s pole.