That the Arsenal star will definitely return to form.

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That the Arsenal star will definitely return to form.

Smith Rowe did not play in the Premier League last season. By playing in all 12 games. The player suffered a groin injury and underwent surgery in October 2022 and spent 5 months recovering.

England Under-21s manager Lee Carsley has insisted he has faith in Arsenal midfielder Emile Smith Rowe in terms of abilities. and hopes to help him return to great form again

The 22-year-old midfielder joins the England junior team. And participate in every game in the tournament. With the team already reaching the semi-finals, Carsley said he also assessed the Arsenal player as a young talent who needed to help cope with pressure.

“If there’s anything we have to do as a staff member with Emil, it’s that we’re taking the pressure off him. It’s an important thing to do. And bring back the fun of football games to him. for the confidence to play and to see the smile on his face.”

“Wearing number 10 in the Arsenal team. It’s definitely difficult. Especially this number, it is full of stories and history in it. Since he joined our team He has done a great job in every training session. Obviously he needs time on the pitch to play. He’s a great player, everyone always talks like that. But what we hope is that he will be able to bring it out for us to see.”

“I think the number comes with hope. and affects all players Like Everton’s number 9 is the number of expectations and is an important number for the club (Here’s Carsley, for example, because he played at Everton before.) Arsenal’s No. 10 was no different.

But I don’t think it would make Emil worse, but it did. along with the pressure to bear which he showed that he could handle it In case he enjoys playing football. You will see different players. By playing confidently and full of energy to play.” He told ยูฟ่าเบท